The Housing Authority provides affordable housing for persons who are:


  • Preference given to 62+ or persons living with a disability
  • Gross income below HUD-established limits for Brown County


  • Preference given to families with three or more members
  • Gross income below HUD-established limits for Brown County

Waiting List

A five (5) year background check including (but not limited to) rental history, police/legal records, utility payments is completed on every adult household member to determine eligibility.

Applications from eligible households will be placed on the appropriate waiting list as of the date and time the completed application is received. Length of wait will vary. Applicants will be notified via mail should they not pass the background screening.

The Housing Authority will determine the number of bedrooms for which the household is eligible.

Applicants are responsible for notifying the Housing Authority of any changes contact information (i.e. mailing address, phone numbers) or family composition during the wait.

Offer of housing

Once a unit becomes available, Applicant will be asked to verify income, assets, medical expenses, childcare expenses, etc.

Bring any of the following information that applies: